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Oct. 29th, 2009


(no subject)

Graffiti clean-up crews were hired to work on the main entrance of the school after it was discovered this morning that someone had had created "art" on the building in the middle of the night.

The vulgar image, which Sue Sylvester threatened me with my life if I posted it, was of the Cheerios coach with a very large penis in between her spread legs.

....No word yet if the security cameras caught the guilty yet. But one things for sure, Ms. Sylvester will kill anyone who even so much as looks her direction today.


Mystery Man

The school's Primadonna, Kurt Hummel, was spotted Tuesday at the mall in the Sephora store. Hummel was seen with fellow Glee Club friends Mercedes Jones, Tina Cohen-Chang, Artie Abrams, and an unknown male, who (according to our source) was wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses.

The unknown male was seen holding hands with Hummel and nodding in approval when the feminine teen held up several Halloween makeup palettes.

Who is Kurt Hummel's mystery man? Any guesses?



If anyone has missed me, I have been in England with my mom and dad, visiting my sick grandmother. I'm back now.

Expect quite a few back-to-back posts as I am behind in McKinley news.

Oct. 23rd, 2009


For those interested..

I have put up a AUTHENTIC pair of Rachel Berry panties on E-Bay!!!

Starting bid is $500, any takers??


Open Letter

To the very rude people who decided it would be fun to egg my house and my dad's car last night,

You will pay. I have spent the last 5 hours cleaning the ruin that was my house.

I hope you're happy.

~Jacob Ben Israel

Oct. 22nd, 2009


Fabray is Gone!

What has been nearly inevitable since last week when the news broke that the Cheerios head cheerleader Quinn Fabray was pregnant.... Fabray is officially off the team.

Sue Sylvester made the decision last afternoon, reportedly in front of several witnesses in the hallway. A source tells me that Fabray looked devastated and ran into a nearby girls bathroom.

...Oh, how the mighty have fallen....

Oct. 21st, 2009


Got Gossip?

Got gossip about anyone who goes to William McKinley High? Leave me a comment here!!!

Comments are screened.


The Slushie War is in Full Swing!!

No one is safe from the deadly slushie war. Not even teen parents or former football players.

Be on your guard, kiddies. This is not a drill.



The football team beat up yet another freshman this morning, who reported them to Principal Figgins with a broken arm. Apparently they targeted the younger male because he had made comments the previous day that the football team was made up of 'stupid fugly jocks with no real talent'.

Surprisingly, leaders Finn Hudson and Noah Puckerman were not present at the time of the fight. No word yet on why, but this blogger thinks it has to do with two things: Glee Club and Quinn Fabray.

Oct. 20th, 2009


Trouble for Sue?

Police were called to Sue Sylvester's home tonight, according to freshman Ashley James, who lives across the street from the Cheerios coach.

Sylvester was seen screaming at two policemen in her front yard before they left abruptly, amid Sue's yells of threatened lawsuits. It is unclear of why law enforcement was called to the teacher's house, but if there's one thing the entire Lima student body knows, Sue Sylvester must have done something brilliant.

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